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How it Works
We never invent our own cryptographic techniques.
MPC Wallet
The MPC technology used in Mixin Messenger makes the non-custodial wallet easy to use, and effectively avoid the risk of private keys or mnemonics being stolen, lost or damaged.
Encrypted Chat
The most advanced end-to-end encryption (powered by Signal Protocol) keeps your conversations secure. We can't read your messages or listen to your calls, nor can anyone else.
Bots Ecosystem
Bots are applications that run on Mixin Messenger, giving you secure and easy access to various excellent products and services. And no applications can move your assets.
How does MPC wallet work?
We never invent our own cryptographic techniques.
Easy-to-remember pin code
You can fully control your assets with a 6-digit PIN code, which is secure, simple and easy to remember. The time lock limit of 5 attempts per 24 hours can prevent brute force cracking.
Never lose your account
You can use your mobile phone number or anonymous number to log in to your account, and set up emergency contacts at the same time. If you forget your account, you can easily retrieve it. Even if you lose your assets for a short time, it is safe. All fund transfers require your PIN code.
Decentralized network
Decentralized password network ensures the security of your key fragments and multiple redundant backups. The decentralized signer network verifies the signature requests from users and blocks malicious attempts.
Frequently Asked Questions
Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find your answers here.
What is an MPC wallet?
An MPC wallet is a type of wallet that leverages Multi-Party Computation technology to allow multiple parties to securely control and manage digital assets on the blockchain. MPC Wallets ensure the private key is never exposed or stored in one location, adding an extra layer of security.
Where is my wallet private key?
Only in the local secure enclave of your device.
Why is the 6-digit PIN code for Mixin Messenger secure?
Mixin Messenger uses the TIP protocol to manage private key, it's a decentralized MPC protocol. Nobody is able to brute-force attack your 6-digit PIN due to the strict rate limit of the protocol.
Can my Mixin Messenger chat messages be viewed by your servers?
No, Mixin Messenger uses Signal protocol, one of the most secure E2EE protocols, that keeps messages private from everyone, including the messaging service. When E2EE is used, a message only appears in decrypted form for the person sending the message and the person receiving the message.
If Mixin Messenger stops service, how can I withdraw my assets?
You can export your wallet private key in Mixin Messenger and use it to withdraw all your cryptos from Mixin Network.
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Secure, private and easy-to-use crypto wallet.