Mixin Messenger
An open source crypto wallet with Signal messaging.
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Why Mixin Messenger ?
Decentralized nodes manage the crypto assets by multisig, and the MPC wallet secures the private key with multi-parties.
Open-sourced, examined, and decentralized PoS distributed network guarantees users strong security.
End-to-end encryption keeps chats and messages secure, and CryptoNode technology protects transfer privacy.
Log-in with phone numbers is easy to use without account loss, and a 6-digit pin manages the MPC wallet with security and simplicity.
Social Recovery
In extreme cases, the emergency contact can help you log back into the wallet and avoid losing assets.
All features are free to use, so enjoy free chat and transfer services with family and friends.
Manage multi-chain assets with one powerful wallet that supports 47 blockchains, such as BTC, ETH, and XMR.
Developers can quickly and easily implement powerful bots with a variety of features.
Use Mixin Messenger
Encrypted Chat
The most advanced end-to-end encryption (powered by Signal Protocol) keeps your conversations secure. We can't read your messages or listen to your calls, nor can anyone else.
  • All messages, audios, photos, and files are end-to-end encrypted
  • You can make free calls and chats whenever and wherever you want
  • Stay connected to your family, friends, and coworker by group chat
  • Enhance privacy by turning on the disappearing messages feature
  • The desktop app makes typing easier, even when your phone is off
  • Artists can freely submit sticker sets and share them with friends
Multichain Wallet
MPC multi-chain wallet is built on the open source and decentralized TIP distributed key protocol and Mixin Network, a free and lightning fast peer-to-peer digital asset network.
  • Non-custodial MPC wallet avoids the risk of stolen and lost private keys
  • Secure and simple to manage all crypto assets with only a 6-digit PIN
  • Support to transfer any assets in any amount with no delay and fees
  • Genuine multi-chain wallet supports 47 public chains (BTC, ETH, etc.)
  • Emergency contact and multi-sig wallet further enhance asset security
  • PETs ensure that your asset balances and transfer data are untraceable
Bot Ecosystem
Bots are small applications that run on Mixin Messenger, giving you secure and easy access to various excellent products and services.
  • Read-only authz prevents stolen assets from malicious approvals
  • No need to install/uninstall, no storage used, directly open and use
  • Purchase products or services in any cryptocurrency with no fees
  • Support to interact with bots via flexible interfaces and conversations
  • The seamless authentication and notification make the PX complete
  • The bots provide information, trading, games, tools, you name it.
Develop Mixin Messenger Bot
Getting Started
Everything you need to know to start creating a Mixin Messenger bot. Such as how to interact with users by authorizing them to access user data and send & receive messages.
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Standard REST API interface allows developers to request access to user data through OAuth authorization, send messages to users, transfer assets, invoke payment interfaces, etc.
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Design Guide
The guidelines aim to provide users with an easy, efficient, unified user experience. It helps developers adopt the interface and unlock the full benefits of container features.
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The Mixin development team and third-party developers worldwide cooperate to generate and maintain SDKs for Golang, Kotlin/Java, Swift, NodeJS, PHP, and other languages.
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Secure, Privacy and easy-to-use crypto wallet
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