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The Crypto Wallet Trusted by 1,000,000 Customers
With our battle-tested MPC technology, Mixin Messenger makes security, privacy and ease of use to the extreme.
How it Works
MPC eliminates private keys and mnemonics
The MPC technology used in Mixin Messenger has been in production for years, which can effectively avoid the risk of private keys or mnemonics being stolen, lost or damaged, while still maintains high decentralization.
Buying cryptos is cheaper and easier
Buying cryptocurrencies on Mixin Messenger is simple and secure. You can use debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay or Apple Pay to buy USDT, USDC, BTC, etc. We try to maintain the lowest price in the market.
Zero fees and blazing fast
Mixin Messenger is built on the free and lightning fast Mixin Network. All Mixin transactions are free and can be finalized in seconds, which empowers countless real world crypto usage.
Secure thousands of cryptos
Mixin Messenger's MPC wallet supports almost all popular blockchains and thousands of assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum (ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), MobileCoin, Dogecoin, etc.
Account recovery with an emergency contact
With your family or friends as an emergency contact, you can get back access to your account. While the fully control of your wallet remains in your 6-digit PIN.
Trusted by Crypto Leaders
"We need the contributions of everyone in this ecosystem - large and small - to bring out the full potential of the technology that Satoshi proposed."
Founder, Pando
"MixPay simplifies and improves Web3 payments. Accept any crypto with instant exchange."
Founder, MixPay
"Quill is building a value net on Web3, we believe that the value of an article is composed of both the author and the reader."
An Lee
Founder, Quill
Frequently Asked Questions
Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find your answers here.
Is Mixin Messenger wallet decentralized?
Yes, Mixin Messenger is the native wallet for the decentralized Mixin Network, and doesn't custody your private key.
Will Mixin Messenger be affected by SIM swap attacks?
No, both the SMS verification code and your PIN code are required to access your wallet.
Is it secure to connect Mixin Messenger to apps or bots?
Yes, apps and bots can only get read only access to your wallet, they can never make transactions on behalf of you.
Why is the 6-digit PIN code for Mixin Messenger secure?
Mixin Messenger uses the TIP protocol to manage private key, it's a decentralized MPC protocol. Nobody is able to brute-force attack your 6-digit PIN due to the strict rate limit of the protocol.
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